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Next joint CARENA, CoMETHy, DEMCAMER and ReforCELL Workhop on Pd Membranes

20-21 November 2014. The Netherlands

CARENA, COMETHY, DEMCAMER and ReforCELL are four European FP7 projects involved in the development of palladium membrane technology for hydrogen production. Due to their synergy, the four projects have joined forces to organize a workshop together, focusing on discussing "Scale-up of Pd membrane technology: From fundamental understanding to pilot demonstration". The workshop is planned to be a 2-day event in the Netherlands at the premises of the Energy Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) on the 20th and 21st of November 2014.

Organizing Committee:
• Sadika Guedidi (UM2-EMH, France; CARENA)
• Gilbert Rios (EMH, France; CARENA)
• Emma Palo (KT, Italy; CARENA)
• Frans van Berkel (ECN, Netherlands: CARENA)
• Alberto Giaconia (ENEA, Italy; CoMETHy)
• Thijs Peters (Sintef, Norway; ReforCELL)
• Enrico Drioli (Univ. Calabria, Italy; DEMCAMER)
• Adele Brunetti (Univ. Calabria, Italy; DEMCAMER)

Date: 20th and 21st of November 2014



Booklet [947 Kbs] & Presentations [54,9 Mb]

Location: premises of the Energy Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) on the 1755 ZG Petten, the Netherlands.